Tiefschwarz featuring Tracey Thorn

Eat Books (2005)

To tide fans over between the last EBTG album and her solo release, Tracey Thorn lent her vocals to this song from indie-synth act Tiefschwarz in 2005. The song hit the sweet-spot of being darkly electronic without losing its emotional core, with the bassline sneaking in on the chorus to underscore the bitterness.”I was always there / but you never chose to care … damage / in a lonely place.” Break-ups are hard, but it’s even harder when you realize it was actually easy for the other person. This song deals with the pain of giving your heart to someone, only to learn later that they never even noticed.

(Unfortunately I could not find embeddable audio of the superior original version of the song online anywhere – but you can hear a 30 second sample at last.fm)

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