Grand Canyon

Tracey Thorn

Out of the Woods (2007)

You don’t know how sad I am that Everything But the Girl hasn’t released any new material since 1999. They are probably my favorite group, and “Walking Wounded” has for some time stood as my favorite album ever. So it was incredibly exciting to finally get Tracey Thorn’s solo album, as her voice is perhaps the most lovely thing I’ve ever heard. “Out of the Woods” turned out a bit spottier than I would’ve liked (Ben Watt is clearly as key to the magic of EBTG as Tracey is), but among the handful of truly great songs, “Grand Canyon” stood out above the rest. As I looked online to find the full quote of my favorite lyric, I realized the whole song is a string of beautiful lines. “Down among the heretics, the losers, and the saints / You are here amongst your own / You’ve come home.” It’s a welcoming of unconditional love set to a disco beat, a misfit call to the dancefloor.

Also check out: “Hello There” by collaborator Cagedbaby (in fact, check out pretty much anything by Cagedbaby, it’s all good)

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