B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)


Stankonia (2000)

I’m noticing a theme on my list here — I’m most intrigued by pop artists who are willing to get a little weird. High on that list is easily the dynamic duo of Outkast. A more popular choice from them might have been “Hey Ya,” but that is one of the few cases in my life where a song I loved got SO overplayed that I am no longer able to listen to it at all, even 5 years after its release. Not the case for “B.O.B.,” which jumps right into its frantic 155 BPM beat (which is obscenely fast — a typical dance song is only in the 120s), and is scattered with easily chantable lyrics. After its first half, the song avoids a typical structure, bouncing from section to section with reckless abandon. The lyrics, as far as I can tell, are basically saying “go big or go home,” as both Andre 3000 and Big Boi reference the sacrifices they’ve made to pursure their career. I’m glad they did - we’re better off for it.

Also check out: “Universal Mind Control (UMC)” by Common – another clever entry in the dance-meets-hip-hop realm