Who Knew


I’m Not Dead (2006)

Pink is one of those artists who is so reliably consistent that it’s hard to single out any one song as a particular highlight – they’re honestly all really good. Momentarily ignoring the label puppetry of her hip-hop-inflected debut (remember when people weren’t sure if Pink was white or just a light-skinned black girl?), I’d say she’s yet to have a misfire. “Who Knew” is probably the best of her releases, channeling her feisty girl-power rage into heartbreak. Not many people would react to a doubting friend by wanting to punch them in the face, but Pink certainly seems like the type who would. She also manages to expertly walk a careful lyrical line, providing enough specifity to hook the listener while leaving enough ambiguity to let anyone relate to this tale of loss (is it about death? a break-up? divorce?). I’m also grateful her label decided to re-release this song, which initially flopped, after the surprise success of “U + Ur Hand,” turning “Who Knew” into another top ten smash.

Also check out: Ida Maria’s “Oh My God” — a catchy shoulda-been-hit from a similarly scratchy-throated pop/rock singer.