Don’t Stop the Music


Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

Every time I listened to this song while compiling this list, I bumped it up a few more notches, until it climbed all the way into the top 20. While “Umbrella” may be considered more her signature song, it’s really this track that will still be played on the radio and in clubs in 20 years. Borrowing that Michael Jackson hook, and then piling about 8 other hooks on top of it, this song is ridiculously catchy. Like, swine flu catchy. Cover-your-face-with-a-mask catchy. Wear-a-condom catchy. Girl’s had a slew of hits in her short time as a star, here’s hoping she keeps churning out tracks like this one.

Also check out: It may have seemed like every song from this album was released as a single, but album cut “Lemme Get That” is another great Rihanna track.