Black & Gold

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro (2008)

It’s a peculiar thing that, aside from diva dancefloor anthems, electronic songs rarely feature skilled vocalists. Sam Sparro, on the other hand, has a powerhouse set of pipes and has no qualms about mingling with synths and beats galore. His best song, “Black & Gold,” even goes one step further, combining not just a great beat and a great voice, but truly thoughtful lyrics as well.  The “you” in this song is not a lover as one might think, but rather God, while the lyrics reference evolution and the frightening emptiness of the universe. I don’t personally feel the same as Sparro (“If you’re not really here / Then I don’t want to be either”), but I can certainly understand the sentiment of wanting to find your place in the world and fearing that evertyhing is  “all just a bunch of matter.” Overall, this is just a great song from a very promising new artist. I can’t wait to hear more.

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