The Notwist

Neon Golden (2002)

I don’t remember who shared this song with me, but I’d like to thank them now. The Notwist are a band of economy, stripping their songs of anything unnecessary and leaving just the raw, bare bones. Two nearly identical verses split the singer and his love into two distinct entities (“I’m not in this movie / I’m not in this song”), sung with the dispassionate resignation of someone who has gone through a painful love and come out exhausted. I envision the world’s rotation slowing when the song’s coda kicks in at the 3:30 mark. If you’ve never heard of The Notwist, do check this album out. It’s a great find.

Also check out: Erlend Oye’s “Ghost Trains,” a more electronic example of a singer’s emotional flatness somehow making a song convey more feeling than it would have otherwise.